Strategic RFID Workshop

This workshop, presented by RFID Journal Founder and Editor Mark Roberti, is designed for senior executives of companies that have already deployed—or currently seek to deploy—RFID systems. It will focus on helping businesses formulate an RFID strategy that will lead to greater competitive advantage and shareholder value.

Attendees with an All-Access or Fast Track Training pass can choose to attend any session in any conference track. Download a PDF of the full conference agenda.

May 11 2:00 PM

An Overview of RFID Today

Senior executives will hear the truth about where RFID adoption currently stands, where it is making a difference for companies in specific industries, and how smart businesses have developed strategies to deploy the technology in a way that enhances their business goals.
May 11 2:45 PM

Taking a Strategic Approach to RFID

Learn the difference between short-term tactical applications of RFID and a long-term strategic approach that can enhance your company's major goals and reduce costs in a variety of areas. The benefits of taking a strategic approach will be explained.
May 11 3:30 PM


May 11 3:45 PM

A Step-By-Step Approach to Developing a Strategic RFID Plan

To be successful, companies need to set clear goals for their RFID deployments; map existing business processes; determine where data needs to be collected, as well as how that information will be used; and then select the technology that will achieve the desired goals. The presenter will walk participants through this process.
May 11 4:30 PM

RFID and Change Management

RFID represents a new and potentially threatening way of conducting business, and some people will resist any changes. This session will discuss the common employee reactions that companies face when deploying RFID, as well as how to avoid typical problems. Learn how to build a team that can execute on a strategic RFID plan, and how to convince senior management to fund RFID projects.
May 11 5:15 PM

Next Steps

You believe RFID can help your company—but what do you do when the event is over and you return to your office? This session will explain some concrete steps you can take to begin working toward developing a strategic RFID plan, and executing on it.
May 11 6:00 PM

Post-conference workshop concludes