RFID technology is contributing to improving operational efficiency at a wide variety of companies and organizations. Manufacturing companies are employing RFID to achieve major benefits, both in their supply chains and in their factory operations. From lowering the cost of managing the supply chain to preserving and creating value in physical assets, RFID is playing a critical role in reducing the attrition of all-important profits and turning enterprise asset management from a loss leader into a profit center. Whether for tracking inventory, assets, processes or personnel, RFID is the key to steering an organization toward better profitability, and this track will focus on how manufacturing firms are utilizing RFID to achieve benefits today.

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May 10 11:00 AM

Manufacturer Reaches RFID ROI Within 12 Months

Brazilian-based Oxford, the largest ceramic and porcelain manufacturer in the Americas, achieved a return on investment in radio frequency identification following 12 months of use, thanks to a reduction to zero of errors in shipments and deliveries of goods to its customers. Oxford supplies dining appliances (plates, cups, mugs and sets of pans) throughout Brazil and abroad, and also exports its products to China. In addition to providing the exact location and identification of each stored item, RFID technology has been used to provide speed and efficiency in the separation and routing of customers' orders. Learn how RFID has eliminated an extra source of costs, how Oxford handles the reverse logistics of improperly delivered goods and how the firm might use the technology in the future.
Speaker: Marcelo Correa, Logistics Manager, Oxford
May 10 11:50 AM

Solution-Provider Session: Discover How IoT Will Optimize the Future of Retail

Keynote speaker Bill Toney will explore the intrinsic link between inventory accuracy, availability, and successful omnichannel and digital strategies. Consumers are becoming more demanding than ever as the lines between the physical and digital worlds merge, and retailers need to maximize every opportunity to increase conversion rates—both online and offline.
Speaker: William Toney, Vice President, Global RFID Market Development, Avery Dennison RFID
May 10 12:30 PM

Lunch in RFID Journal LIVE! Exhibit Hall

May 10 3:00 PM

GRP Pipe Manufacturer Uses RFID to Improve Logistics and Data Storage

FLOWTITE Technology, a Norwegian company that manufactures sewer and water pipes, is tagging its products with RFID. The firm has more than 70 plants or production lines producing glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) pipes. Learn how FLOWTITE is using RFID technology to maintain data on its products, enabling it to offer a 50-year guarantee period.
Speaker: Lloyd Tjelle, IT Manager, FLOWTITE Technology
May 10 3:50 PM

American Woodmark Uses RFID for Production and Exception Reporting

The manufacturer and distributer of high-quality, built-to-order kitchen cabinets and vanities has implemented RFID across seven of its supply chain facilities in order to improve inventory accuracy and enhance visibility throughout the manufacturing process. The company is using RFID for production tracking on the manufacturing floor, enabling personnel to respond more quickly when addressing shortages and fallout. Learn how the technology is providing the data necessary to ensure successful delivery to the plant's clients.
Speakers: Tim Harwood, RFID Project Specialist, American Woodmark Corp.; Dave Johnson, Materials Technology and Project Manager, American Woodmark Corp.; Sam Thomas, Supply Chain Services Project Manager, American Woodmark Corp.
May 10 4:40 PM

RFID Reduces Costs, Scheduling Impacts for NASA JWST Mission

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is using RFID technology to track the various components used to assemble the groundbreaking James Webb Space Telescope, a large infrared telescope with a 6.5-meter primary mirror. Due to the size and scale of the project, NASA is utilizing a number of domestic and worldwide teams to build the necessary components. As the work progresses, it is necessary to track the location and status of every single component. Learn how NASA is using RFID technology to reduce labor costs while tracking and maintaining asset inventory and schedule integrity.
Speaker: Basil S. Jeffers, JWST Lead Parts Engineer, NASA/ A S & D
May 11 9:00 AM

OEM Uses RFID to Illuminate Warranty

Heraeus Noblelight America LLC, a global manufacturer of industrial UV systems, equipment and services, is using RFID technology to develop a smart high-pressure, filament-less bulb. Although the company offered a warranty on the bulb, it had no mechanism in place to track the number of operating hours before incorporating RFID. Learn how the technology captures each bulb's serial number, authenticity, type and date of manufacture, thereby enabling the firm to authenticate every bulb and validate its warranty.
Speaker: William E. Johnson III, Senior Board Technologist, Heraeus Noblelight America LLC
May 11 9:45 AM

How Cloud Analytics Gives HP Brazil New Supply Chain Insights

HP Brazil has been among the most aggressive companies in using RFID to monitor the production of goods (printers). Recently, it has taken its internal deployment to the next level by developing a cloud-based analytics platform that enables it to use the massive amounts of RFID data in new and innovative ways. Hear how the platform has improved product delivery times and increased flexibility in the real-time exchange of information between sales, factory and logistics. Also, learn how HP Brazil is starting to use data from materials planning and product portfolios to streamline the sales-planning process.
Speaker: Rafael Rapp, Business Operations Manager, LATAM SC OPS, HP Brazil
May 11 10:30 AM

Award Finalists Session: Best Manufacturing Implementation

This award will be given to the end-user company that has demonstrated the best use of RFID technology to improve its manufacturing operations. The finalists, selected by an independent panel of judges, will each have 15 minutes to make a presentation. The finalists are:

  • Heraeus Noblelight America, for its use of RFID within its UV curing light bulbs to identify the type of bulb, authenticate it and validate its warranty
  • Honda, for its use of RFID to provide visibility into the flow and location of rework vehicles, both inside the production facility and within its massive holding yards
  • HP Brazil, for its use of an internally developed Internet of Things software platform to analyze RFID data and provide unique insights into manufacturing operations
Speakers: Rafael Rapp, Business Operations Manager, LATAM SC OPS, HP Brazil; William E. Johnson III, Senior Board Technologist, Heraeus Noblelight America LLC; Jason Philpot, Manager, Honda Manufacturing of Indiana