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Supply Chain/Logistics

Worldwide, RFID technology is contributing to improving operational efficiency in a wide variety of industries and at many organizations. From lowering the cost of managing shipping practices to preserving and creating value in physical assets, RFID is playing a critical role in reducing the attrition of all-important profits and turning enterprise asset management from a loss leader into a profit center. Whether for tracking inventory, transporting goods or managing assets, RFID is the key to steering an organization toward better profitability. This track will focus on how leading firms are utilizing RFID to achieve benefits today.

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May 10 11:00 AM

RFID ROI for Brands and Manufacturers: Fulfillment Center and Distribution Center Operations and Data Exchange

RFID technology is rapidly moving up the supply chain to distribution centers and fulfillment centers. Some users have found a variety of ways in which to leverage RFID, from operational changes to the earliest emergence of item-level data exchange between supply chain partners, focusing on such high-cost issues as claims and electronic proof of delivery. The presenter will share four key points throughout a DC at which RFID can apply the most leverage, including potential hardware setups, data-capture accuracy and the real business value of increased visibility.
Speaker: Justin Patton, Director, RFID Center, Auburn University
May 10 11:50 AM

Solution-Provider Session: Making America Great Again—Accelerating Onshore U.S. Manufacturing With RFID

Manufacturing and assembly firms have been tasked with bringing manufacturing operations back to the United States. Learn how RFID is being deployed to address automation, operational efficiency and job retraining, in order for assembly plants to rapidly shift overseas manufacturing to the United States and handle increased capacity. From shipping and receiving to tracking work-in-process at assembly stations, RFID is the key to accelerating on-shore manufacturing.
Speaker: Diana Hage, CEO, RFID Global Solution, Inc.
May 10 12:30 PM

Lunch in RFID Journal LIVE! Exhibit Hall

May 10 3:00 PM

RFID Enables Remote Inventory Visibility

Endries International Inc. (a Wolseley Industrial Group company) is using an RFID-enabled tracking system to automate self-service, remote inventory visibility for its customers. The firm distributes fasteners to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Each customer has between 50 and 5,000+ parts bins, depending on its size, and customers consume parts from one bin at a time until the bin is empty. The RFID-based tracking system has resulted in labor savings, as well as faster replenishment response times and improved customer satisfaction. Learn how the firm is using RFID technology to allow customers to utilize the system with no training or any additional steps required.
Speaker: Todd Fischer, VP and Corporate Information Officer, Endries International Inc. (a Wolseley Industrial Group company)
May 10 3:50 PM

RFID Streamlines Warehouse Operations for Logistics Company

7R Logistic, a Polish-based company that operates warehouses and offers logistics services, is using RFID in a large facility to improve the efficiency of warehouse management. Financial backing by the European Union under the European Regional Development Program has allowed the firm to install a system at 7R Logistic's Kokotów Logistics Center that can identify when each pallet is loaded into or removed from storage. With the system in place, the firm can now prevent errors, gain a more detailed inventory count of where each pallet is located, and track forklift locations. Learn how the technology's implementation has improved visibility while standardizing the information provided in the supply chain.
Speaker: Kamil Janeczek, Research and Development Specialist, 7R Logistic
May 10 4:40 PM

Trailiner Automatically Manages Trucks, Trailers in Its Yard

Trailiner, a U.S. refrigerated goods carrier that provides shipping services throughout 48 states, is employing radio frequency identification to prevent loading and transportation errors. The RFID system lets Trailiner manage yard access and prevent trailer loading and transportation errors, while saving the cost of manning its yard gate 24 hours a day. Learn how the system not only allows automated access to the yard, but also enables the firm to identify which trucks and trailers enter or exit the facility.
Speaker: Amber Edmondson, President, Trailiner
May 11 9:00 AM

College District Uses RFID to Track 90,000 Assets

The Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) has deployed an asset-management system employing radio frequency identification technology to locate its tens of thousands of assets across seven campuses and two satellite locations. The district is using the technology to manage location data about assets ranging from computers to farm animals, and to integrate that information with its own management software. Learn how the RFID system is making the auditing process automatic, thereby eliminating manual inventory counts, reducing labor costs and improving the ability to locate missing assets.
Speaker: Misherlae Pace, IT Strategic Planning and Development Manager, Dallas County Community College District
May 11 9:45 AM

Uniform Company Boosts Visibility With RFID

Canadian company Logistik Unicorp is using RFID to ensure that Canadian military uniforms end up in the hands of those ordering them within a matter of days, and with a guarantee to meet strict quality requirements. The firm fulfills approximately 450,000 orders annually, with an inventory turnaround of six or seven times each year. The system that Logistik Unicorp built in-house enables it to link raw materials with finished products, and to track those goods as they are received from a manufacturer, stored in its warehouse and then shipped to individual customers. Learn how the use of RFID has improved accuracy and shipping times, as well as giving the firm a competitive edge.
Speakers: Francis Bibeau, Director, Logistik Unicorp; Michel Ricard, Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Logistik Unicorp
May 11 10:30 AM

Award Finalists Session: Best Logistics/Supply Chain Implementation

This award will be given to the end-user company that has demonstrated the best use of RFID technology to improve its logistics or supply chain operations. The finalists, selected by an independent panel of judges, will each have 15 minutes to make a presentation. The finalists are:

  • GERDAU, for its use of an RFID system to cut costs and increase production
  • Marroquinera, for its use of an RFID system to provide timely and complete real-time information regarding the movements of merchandise inventories so that management can make better decisions related to production, purchasing, storage and the dispatch of inventories
  • Ternium, for its use of RFID to track finished materials and optimize the storage, picking and shipping of goods
Speakers: Davin Leon, Product Manager, Ternium; Marcio Ouchi, Logistics Manager, Ouro Branco/MG, Gerdau