November 26-28, 2007 • Toronto, Canada • Toronto Congress Centre

Conference Tracks


What You Will Learn From This Track:
. How to use active RFID to manage the location of equipment and people
. How to use the location capability of an active RFID infrastructure to manage spare parts
. How to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction with RFID closed-loop applications
. How to deploy RFID without complex middleware and back-end integration
. How to improve asset utilization with an RFID tracking system
. The benefits of an active RFID system utilizing an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure
. Understanding the benefits of using RFID with steel production
. Best practices for achieving high read rates within the validation process
. Insight into the progress made toward addressing adoption issues in the electronics industry
. Understanding the benefits of using RFID/EPC technology in the consumer electronics sector
. How to accelerate the integration of manufacturing RFID systems and back-end applications
. How the right RFID infrastructure can incorporate data from other sensory systems


What You Will Learn From This Track:
. Understanding the benefits of RFID in the retail pharmacy
. How to create track-and-trace capabilities to ensure customer safety
. An understanding of how to implement RFID at the franchise level
. How to integrate RFID within retail floor and warehouse operations
. Insight into the latest developments of GS1-In-A-Box
. How combining GS1s four branded standards can benefit your business
. Insight into the latest findings on the benefits of RFID in the retail/CPG sector
. Understanding how new business processes driven by RFID can deliver big benefits
. An understanding of the various applications on the market that can leverage RFID data
.Ways to use RFID data to create business benefits today
. Insights into the benefits of using active RFID for product visibility on the retail floor
. Understanding the benefits of using both active and passive tags in retail operations

Supply Chain/Inventory Management

What You Will Learn From This Track:
. Best practices for using real-time locating systems to increase production and reduce inventory
. The ROI of RFID in a logistics environment
. How RFID benefits customers, monitors internal processes and improves speed, accuracy, and efficiency.
. How to use RFID to connect to billing cycles, inventory control, customized reports and secure information sharing
. Best practices for meeting RFID tagging mandates
. How to use RFID tags required by customers to improve internal inventory management
. Insights into what applications of RFID deliver the most value in a hospital
. How RFID matches up against other possible technological solutions for tracking medical assets
. How to use applications to turn RFID data into actionable information
. The benefits of sharing RFID data with supply chain partners to improve operational efficiencies

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