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25-27 October, 2006

Hotels van Orange, Amsterdam

26 October
14:45  IT/Infrastructure:
RFID Data-Sharing Standards

The key to benefiting from RFID data is the ability to share information in standardized formats. This session brings attendees up to date with progress being made by EPCglobal subgroups in developing data sharing standards for specific industries, including retail/CPG, defense/aerospace, health care/life sciences and distribution/logistics.
 Henri Barthel, Technical Director, EPCglobal
Insights into where data sharing standards are
Understanding the benefits of data format standards
15:35 IT/Infrastructure:
RFID Network Infrastructure—The Key to Scale and Performance
Many implementers are contemplating rollouts that encompass more sites, more readers and more applications than their simple pilots were built to handle. Additionally, IT departments are increasingly focused on the manageability, security and reliability of cost effective enterprise-scale solutions. In this session learn how global companies are addressing these requirements by making RFID Network Infrastructure a key component of their RFID deployments.
 Ashley Stephenson, Chairman and Co-Founder, Reva Systems
Understanding the potential benefits of an RFID network infrastructure
Best practices for deploying an RFID network
16:25  IT/Infrastructure:
Are Changes in ETSI Rules Needed?

Given the performance results outlined in the previous session, are new ETSI regulations needed? In this session, those imposing the regulations, vendors making equipment under the regulations and companies using the equipment discuss the best way to move forward to enable UHF systems to work well in Europe.
 Josef Preishuber-Pflüegl, Co-Chair, Hardware Action Group
     Ad Hoc Advisory Committee, Member ETSI TG34, CTO,
     CISC Semiconductor
 Christian Plenge, RFID Project Leader, MGI Metro Group
An understanding of potential regulatory changes for UHF

27 October
11:00   IT/Infrastructure:
Strategies for Setting Up an RFID Network that Scales
The European Union BRIDGE has funded a 3-year integrated RFID project addressing ways to resolve RFID implementation and EPCglobal technology obstacles in Europe. The project includes a research and development program for various aspects of RFID hardware, software, network and security. Seven business work packages will perform trials and implementation, identify opportunities, and establish business cases for various sectors.
 Henri Barthel, Technical Director, EPCGlobal
 Mark Harrison, Associate Director, Auto-ID Lab, Cambridge University
 Florian Michahelles, ETH Zurich
 Wolfgang Schönfeld, Sony Logitics Europe
 Andrea Soppera, Senior Researcher, BT Group
An understanding of the European Union's BRIDGE project and its initial findings
Insight into how RFID adoption in Europe can be achieved
11:50 IT/Infrastructure:
How RFID Can Benefit Your Business
Businesses need information and decisions depend on accurate data. In this session learn how RFID can decrease operational costs by pinpointing process breakdowns and reduce out of stock by RFID enabling your shelves.
 Dominik Berger, CEO, RF-iT Solutions GmbH
 Götz Pfeifferling, Chief Information Officer, Lemmi Fashion
Best tips for using RFID to reduce out-of-stock
13:30 IT/Infrastructure:
Performance of EPC Gen 2 Under ETSI Rules
Learn the results of independent tests done on EPC Gen 2 tags with Gen 2 readers operating under ETSI regulations. This session reveals not just performance results, but also how limitations imposed by ETSI will affect read rates, write rates and overall system performance.
 Antonio Rizzi, Prof., Ph.D., Founder & Head, RFID Lab, Univ. of Parma
Insights into the performance of EPC Gen 2 systems in Europe
Strategies for overcoming limitations imposed by ETSI
14:20   IT/Infrastructure:
Using RFID for Life-Cycle Management of Products and Components
Fiat is involved in the EU FP6 and IMS project PROMISE, with 22 organizations from around the world to develop a system to collect and analyze data throughout the life of products and their components through passive RFID transponders, active RFID tags, sensors and onboard computers. Learn how the information gathered can help companies improve design, maintenance, and efficiency of products.
 Dr. Dimitris Kiritsis, Computer-Aided Design and Production
     Laboratory, STI-IPR-LICP, EPFL
 Julien Mascolo, International Liaison and Project Coordination,
     Technologies Division, Centro Richerche, Fiat
The benefits of gathering life-cycle data of products
Insight into the development of information-gathering systems
15:20   IT/Infrastructure:
Moving Forward with RFID in the Automotive Supply Chain
Learn about the challenges a leading global auto manufacturer faced from their recent proof of concept trial of EPC Gen2 on container management at one of their plants. One of the leaders of the effort will discuss the need for global standards in order for the industry to move forward with RFID.
 Roya Ulrich, Information Technology Mgmt., DaimlerChrysler AG
An understanding of how and where the automotive industry can benefit with global standardization
Insight into the potential of using EPC Gen2 for container management
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