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25-27 October, 2006

Hotels van Orange, Amsterdam

26 October
14:45  Distribution/Logistics:
The Intelligent Container—Combining RFID With Sensor Networks

Advanced tracking and tracing has to include information about current temperature and other environmental conditions. The prediction of changes in freight quality is valuable information for optimization of transport processes and warehouse keeping. Researchers at the University of Bremen are developing an Intelligent Container that implements an autonomous transport monitoring system to go beyond the existing telemetric solutions for remote supervision.
 Dieter Uckelmann, Manager of LogDynamics Lab, University of Bremen
Insight into research on the development of smart containers
Strategies for using smart containers to transform logistics
15:25  Distribution/Logistics:
Is Visibility the Next Big Thing?

Significant progress has been achieved in the development and application of RFID, RTLS, GPS, and other technologies that provide "visibility" for asset tracking, supply chain inefficiencies, physical security, product authenticity, etc. With these emerging technologies, we are at the cusp of a world that allows us the freedom to know the exact location and state of many essential elements of our business and personal life. How will this come about and what will it look like?
  Jeff Irland, Unisys Global Visible Commerce
What companies have successfully achieved a next generation level of visibility?
Could the RFID-enabled supply chain be a first step?
What are barriers and stimulates for this business model to emerge?
16:25  Distribution/Logistics:
Using Active RFID in Retail Distribution

A third-party logistics company, Jöbstl, provides fashion merchandise distribution for the Charles Vögele Group in Austria. Using active RFID technology, Jöbstl has automated its yard management processes, resulting in improved supply chain visibility and on-time deliveries for its customers.
 Erwin Gabardi, Managing Director, Jöbstl Warehousing & Fashion
Best practices in using active RFID-supported yard management to cut costs and improve service
Challenges and benefits of integrating RFID with existing systems to optimize operations

27 October
11:00  Distribution/Logistics:
Track & Trace: RFID in Airline Equipment--The Way Forward

Airline experiences from the past ten years in trolley tracking and tracing have taught the industry many lessons on how and where to take the recommended next steps in the area. While the pioneering systems are now inactive, the industry is likely to see a take-off for RFID in airline equipment but will need support from actors in the value chain.
 Peter Melander, Consultant, Scandanavian Airlines/L&R AB
11:50  Distribution/Logistics:
Using Services-Oriented Architecture to Share Real-Time Shipping
     Data Across a Global Trade Lane

The ability to trace and track containers around the world and to verify their security integrity is an arduous task, but it's becoming increasingly important with globalization and as new government mandates are passed. Using a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) can ease this challenge by allowing all authorized trade lane partners, including manufacturers, 3PLs, retailers and governments to access container data, such as location, temperature, radiation level and door openings. IBM will perform a live demonstration of its SOA-based "Shipment Information System," which is now being used in a new project sponsored by the European Commission's Information Technology for Analysis and Intelligent Design for E-government.
 Stefan Reidy, Secure Trade Lane Business Development Manager,
     IBM Global Business Services
Understanding how to best implement a global RFID track & trace system
Insight into the current issues and challenges surrounding global tracking and tracing
13:30  Distribution/Logistics:
TNT Tracks Laptops from China to Germany

Netherlands-based logistics and shipping company TNT Express is tracking laptops from a manufacturing plant in China to a distribution center in Germany. TNT is sharing data collected across its RFID-enabled supply chain with a variety of RFID solutions.
 Sybren Tuinstra, Manager, Strategic Process Dev., TNT Express
How to tag and track high-value electronics
The benefits of sharing RFID data across the value chain
14:20  Distribution/Logistics:
KPN Uses RFID to Track Phones

Dutch telecom carrier KPN has launched a field trial applying RFID tags to the packaging of individual mobile phones that are removed at point of sale. In this session learn about the challenges and results of the trial.
 Jan Kroon, RFID Program Manager, KPN
Insight into the benefits of end-to-end logistics tracking
Strategies for tagging consumer electronics
15:20  Distribution/Logistics:
Tracking and Tracing Luggage

Air France-KLM is applying RFID tags to checked baggage at two drop-off points at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport and one baggage drop-off area at Paris-Charles de Gaulle. The company is looking to determine if RFID tagging can better track and trace information, and eventually replace the existing bar-code technology. Air France-KLM are as well activley preparing the Enterprise IT Architecture and Infrastructure for integrating future RFID projects by building a global RFID architecture framework. In this session learn about the initial findings from the trial and where else the company sees gaining internal benefits from RFID applications.
 Gregor Baues, Chief Architect, Application Infrastructure, Air France
 Paul Ensink, Enterprise Architect, KLM
How to increase visibility of assets and products delivered
An understanding of where RFID can benefit the aerospace industry
The issues of integrating RFID within the enterprise information system
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