LIVE! 2006 Speaker

Erwin Gabardi
Managing Director
Jöbstl Warehousing & Fashion GmbH

Erwin Gabardi Dr. Erwin Gabardi is the managing director of Jöbstl Warehousing & Fashion GmbH, one of the fastest-growing third-party logistics providers in Europe. Having earned a Masters degree in engineering and a Ph.D. in economics, he started his professional career as a consultant with the Charles Vögele Group in Austria, where he conducted in-depth analysis of e-commerce in the fashion retail industry. He also served as a consultant for Jöbstl KG, where he helped manage its corporate reorganization in 2003. Mr. Gabardi played a key role in the restructuring of Jöbstl KG into three distinct business units, providing each entity more flexibility to address customer demand. One unit, Jöbstl Warehousing & Fashion GmbH, hired him as its managing director in 2005, and he presently continues to help the company achieve annual double-digit percentage growth, while aggressively expanding into new markets in southeastern Europe.