LIVE! 2006 Speaker

Jeff Irland
Unisys Global Visible Commerce

Gerd Wolfram Jeffrey Irland is a director at Unisys, responsible for asset tracking and securing supply chains solutions. His emphasis is on defining, developing and delivering solutions that increase security and visibility using RFID, GPS, barcode, sensors, wireless and other technologies. One example of Jeff's focus is the use of these technologies for cargo security and supply-chain visibility for Operation Safe Commerce Phase 3 (OSC III). The OSC III project involves tracking and securing cargo from Asia to the US through the port of SeaTac over a multimodal supply chain using location technologies for tracking (based on active RFID) and security device (cargo intrusion detection devices). Jeff is also pursuing solution for tool tracking via passive RFID, high value asset tacking via RFID and GPS, and pharmaceutical tracking integrated with cold chain management.