LIVE! 2006 Speaker
Andrew Price
RFID Project Manager
International Air Transport

Andrew Price Andrew Price joined the Simplifying the Business team as the RFID project manager at IATA in Geneva. RFID is one of 5 initiatives for the StB team and its aim is to deliver savings of $768 million per year.

Prior to joining IATA, Mr. Price worked for Siemens ATM at Eurocontrol in Maastricht on the human computer interface for the ODS air traffic control system. After 3 years of working in the Netherlands he returned to the UK to join British Airways where he was given the opportunity to become involved as the project manager during the 1998 RFID baggage trials. The baggage trial was the largest trial at the time and it used 13.56MHz tags on flights from Manchester and Munich to London. Following the trials, Mr. Price worked on the design of the baggage system for Terminal 5 at LHR and as the airline's baggage IT consultant.

Mr. Price graduated from the University of the South West in the UK in 1991 after studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He has worked in the aviation industry since then, starting his career designing defense systems and moving into civil aviation in 1994.