6-8 November 2007 . Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam . Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Preconference Seminars:

RFID in Packaging

RFID will have a major impact on the packaging industry as suppliers evolve from tagging shipments to placing tags on primary and secondary packaging. This seminar examines the manufacturing challenges that must be overcome, the opportunities packaging manufacturers can seize by adding value to their products and the business case for packaging suppliers.

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November 6, 2007


Overcoming Symmetry Challenges in RFID Packaging
Most products have symmetry to them and are inherently uniform for not only aesthetic features but also for basic mechanical integrity, manufacturability and cost of the packaging. But adding singular features or foreign devices can induce asymmetry and present enormous challenges to packaging design. Ignoring the example of how a flat inlay label RFID impacts a shipping carton, the majority of applications of RFID are not trivial and generally pose a challenge to existing design rules.


Conductive Ink for RFID-Enabled Packaging Production Today
Parelec, a conductive ink and adhesive manufacturer has developed an efficient and cost-effective method for RFID-Enabled packaging by printing an antenna directly onto a paperboard layer with conductive ink and an attached RFID inlay. Hear how this process can minimize the impact for manufacturers and their production process.


The Challenges and Opportunities of Implementing RFID in Packaging
RFID is likely to impact all areas of the packaging industry. In this session, hear from the Senior Package Development Engineer of Purdue Pharma explain what some of the current issues are, what work is currently going on and what challenges are facing the industry.


RFID: The Package is the Tag
The idea of an RFID label soon may be out of date, as manufacturers want to reduce their costs by integrating the RFID tag into their packaging. This represents an opportunity and a challenge. Hear how one packaging company overcame the challenges and seized the opportunity with their new adaptive-kernel approach.


Smart Packaging: Adding Value
In some specialty applications, RFID can be used in product packaging to provide extra value for customers. Hear how one company is integrating RFIDinto smart packaging with its partners.

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