6-8 November 2007 . Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam . Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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AIM Auto-ID Seminar

The AIM Auto-ID Seminar is designed to educate value-added resellers, systems integrators, distributors and other channel players and end users about RFID and other auto-identification technologies. Leading auto-ID experts will explain the key issues to help companies develop successful solutions.

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Van Loosbroek

PVL AiDC Advies & Management BV






Henrik B.


Zetes 3i Competence Centres


Independent Consultant

November 6, 2007


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Keynote Speech

Trevor Pierce, Global Standards, Independent Consultant


New Developments for the Classic Barcode
The rapid progress of RFID and other auto-ID technologies has taken focus away from the classic bar code. But as limitations exist in the newer technologies, recent developments in the bar coding technologies and applications can complement RFID and other newer technologies. In this session, hear what the latest developments and solutions involving bar code technologies are.

Pim Van Loosbroek, President, PVL AiDC Advies & Management BV


An Update from AIM Europe's RFID Experts Group
As European companies move forward with RFID, the need for standardization is becoming greater. Hear how AIM's RFID Experts Group is tackling the standardization issues and where AIM experts are helping to move the adoption process forward.

Eldor Walk, Chief Technology Officer, FEIG ELECTRONIC GmbH


Choosing the Optimal RFID System
RFID is gaining worldwide acceptance with the supply chains of various industries. But RFID is not a one-size-fits-all technology. It's critical to choose the type of RFID system that will work for a company's - and industries - specific needs. This session explains the different types of RFID systems and how to choose the one that will meet your company's needs, as well as where to get the best advice on deploying an RFID system.

Jan-Willem Reynaerts, General Manager RFID, NXP Semiconductors


Coffee Break and Networking Opportunity


UHF Gen 2's Impact on Business Processes and Potential ROI
What can RFID do for your business-critical processes? In this session, two case studies will be presented on the benefits of using the technology. They will show how a return on investment can be achieved.

Guido Vangenechten, Country Manager, Intermec Technologies


Harmonizing of Auto-ID Data Structures
Most companies want to deploy RFID technologies in conjunction with other auto-identification technologies, including bar codes and 2-D bar codes. In this session, learn how you can set up data structures on each type of technology so they will work seamlessly together and not require extensive back-end integration.

Simon King, Director, Domino EIS


The Value of Privacy Enhanced RFID for B2B Solutions
Even though the privacy issues related to the use of RFID in consumer applications and the security issues in the B-to-B space are very different, RFIDsec says its unique Privacy Enhanced Technology (PET) is meeting general RFID security issues in B2B across industries. Apart from an introduction to the technology, the session will, for the first time, reveal results from pilot projects based upon RFIDsec's own RFID technology and the business cases behind the pilot projects.

Henrik B. Granau, CEO, RFIDsec


Using RFID to Drive Picking Accuracy to 100%
Combining the knowledge from more than 350 voice-picking installations and over 50 RFID installations, Zetes 3i Competence Centres have designed a new innovative solution to get to 0% errors during the order-picking process. By using voice to direct the picker and adding RFID to check the handling of the picker, Zetes has eliminated mistakes in choosing the product and quantity.

Marcel Kars, Vice President, Zetes 3i Competence Centres


Lunch Break and Networking Opportunity


Executive Roundtable
Welcome and Introduction


The Way Forward


AIM Auto-ID Seminar Concludes

November 7, 2007

15:35—Sponsored Sessions

UHF Gen 2 for Item-Level Tagging of Apparel
RFID can offer unique advantages to the retail apparel industry. Learn how UHF Gen 2 solutions will provide benefits that directly address the most critical RFID deployment issues in the apparel industry. Topics include smart-shelves, brand protection, loss prevention, and supply chain efficiency.

Dimitri Desmons, VP, RFID Marketing, Impinj, Inc.

. Understanding the benefits of RFID in the apparel industry
. Tips on how to find the right solution fit for your item-level apparel tagging

The Common Thread for Successful Deployments in Retail, Manufacturing, Food processing, and Consumer Electronics
This session will examine key success factors for deploying open- and closed-loop RFID applications, including supply-chain management, asset tracking, product pedigree, WIP and security. It will demonstrate that RFID applications can only be effective when the data driving them is accurate and reliable. Experts and end users have observed an "RFID network effect" that leads to compounded value with RFID deployment. This suggests the broader you scale a deployment with tagged items, read points, facilities and applications, the more you generate benefits for the enterprise. With this scaling comes a need for enterprise-wide manageability, which can be addressed by leveraging a standards-based RFID network infrastructure-an approach used by such companies as Metro Group, Sony Europe, Lemmi Fashion, Dow Corning, HP and Dole Foods.

Ashley Stephenson, Chairman, REVA Systems

. Overview of industry implementations
. Outline of RFID Network Infrastructure properties
. Discussion of trends in RFID deployment

Optimization Possibilities for RFID Systems
Checkpoint Systems, a leading RFID solutions provider, will discuss key success factors of RFID in practice, with a focus on retail and apparel applications. Checkpoint will explain how combining RFID and EAS technologies can increase ROI in the retail industry. Find out how Checkpoint implemented RFID systems at some of Europe's largest retailers, and learn about the lessons it derived fromsuccessful pilot programs and roll-outs.

Torsten Strauch, European Sales Director of RFID, Checkpoint Systems

November 8, 2007

Delivering Business Information Insights Through RFID Implementations
IBMis helping companies around the globe realize business benefits fromnew information insights, leading to business transformation enabled by RFID technology. The emergence of widespread RFID information is a positive disruptive force, allowing clients to derive greater insights into their business operations-insights concerning the identification, location and status of assets, products and resources, as well as facilities and environmental conditions. In this session, learn how IBM is working with industry innovators in the automotive, retail/CPG and pharmaceutical industries to enhance their operations, improve return on investment and increase customer satisfaction.

Martin Wildberger, VP, Global and Sensor Actuator Solutions, IBM

The Path to Scalable Performance in RFID Networks: From ETSI Regulations to EB Identification Network
The number of successful RFID projects is increasing rapidly, but a lot of hard work is often needed before achieving results. Several challenges must be faced, such as understanding local regulations or working in a radio propagation environment with external or intra-systeminterference. Solving these challenges withmanual parameter tuning, antenna re-tilting or trial-and-error consulting is time-consuming and expensive, and seldomleads to better-than-average results. In this session, learn how the EB Identification Network addresses network- and devicelayer technical problems, enabling customers to focus onmore interesting-and more important-application- and business-layer problems.

Roland Kueng, Director of Wireless Technologies/IPR, Elektrobit Corporation (EB)

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