GS1 Norway

GS1 provides global standards that make it faster, cheaper and safer for a company to serve its customers. GS1 Norway is a not-for-profit organization that locally administers the global multi-industry system of identification and communication for products, services, assets and locations. The organization was created to help Norwegian business enterprises become more efficient; its fundamental role is to allocate GS1 numbers and bar codes, maintaining internationally accepted trading standards. This, in turn, allows Norwegian organizations to adopt best-practice supply-chain-management techniques. GS1 Norway, one of 111 GS1 member organizations across 150 countries, operates in multiple sectors and industries. GS1's standards are the most globally used supply chain standards, with more than 5,000 users in Norway. To increase supply chain efficiency, the flow of goods and information can be automated by using GS1's standards with:
• Identification numbers
• Bar codes
• RFID (EPCglobal)
• Electronic data interchange (eCom)
• Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN)