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RFID in Construction and Energy

24 October 2012


The Use of RFID in Tracking Highway Coating Materials in the Supply Chain
During this session, obtain an update on the work being done by FIATECH to establish standards for RFID technology in the construction industry, as well as information from the recently published book RFID for Materials Management & Productivity Improvement. In addition, hear how one U.K.-based manufacturer, supplier and installer of specialized highway coating materials used RFID technology to control the movement and supply of these materials within its own internal supply chain. Learn how the company worked with Construction Opportunities for Mobile IT (COMIT) to develop a system employing resin-encapsulated RFID tags, as well as handheld, portal and vehicle-mounted scanners, to solve this problem.

Neill Pawsey, Project Manager, FIATECH


Using RFID Within Extreme Environments
Harsh cold winters and deep ocean depths are among the difficulties inherent in conducting business in the North Sea and other areas throughout Northern Europe. Under these types of rugged conditions, tracking equipment and objects is critical to a business' success and health. Learn how organizations are using the technology to increase operational efficiency within high-risk situations.

Geir Vevle, CTO, HRAFN
• Using RFID to enable process recordings 
• Choosing the proper tags for harsh environments




RFID Technology for the Oil and Gas Industry
Unlike many other industries, the oil and gas sector typically operates in harsh and hazardous environments, and all technology and equipment operating under these conditions must be properly certified. However, the financial drivers and goals are to achieve high production with as low capital and operating expenditure as possible, while at the same time maintaining the safety and security of the plant, personnel and the environment. This presentation will illustrate RFID technologies that can benefit the oil and gas industry, as well as which requirements and challenges must be addressed in order to ensure a successful deployment at a process plant. Examples and experience reports from use cases and pilots installations will be utilized to demonstrate some of the business cases for RFID in oil and gas.

Stig Petersen, Research Scientist, SINTEF ICT
• How to address and overcome the oil and gas industry's specific requirements for operation in harsh and hazardous environments
• How to plan and deploy RFID and other wireless technologies to ensure proper application performance


Using RFID to Monitor Leaks of Hazardous Materials
Wolftank, an Italian petrochemical industry technology firm that manufactures a wide range of products for gas stations and other companies, is providing a gas tank safety solution that includes a radio frequency identification sensor able to detect a potential leak and issue alerts accordingly. The system, which employs RFID technology, is currently in use by 50 fuel stations throughout Italy. The company provides the cleaning and refurbishment services and equipment necessary to convert single-walled tanks to two walls, enabling gas stations to comply with new legislation requiring all gas storage tanks to be double-walled. Learn how the firm also offers a solution that uses a battery-powered RFID sensor to measure conditions within the underground tank, and to issue an alert in the event that a leak is detected.

Markus Lechthaler, Business Development, Wolftank
• How the system allows the gas station to stay open during the reconstruction work and installation of the monitoring technology, thereby preventing lost sales
• The advantages of using RFID to monitor hazardous materials (either oil and gas or chemicals) stored in areas difficult to access, and where wired sensors can be inconvenient




RFID Strategies and Best Practices for End Users in the Energy Industry
Despite its potential for driving business value, RFID creates significant demands on an organization. Learn how to minimize risks while increasing the likelihood of a well-executed project. From early-stage analysis through implementation, there are tools and methods that every corporate IT or project manager can use to ensure success.

Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
• Best-practice methods for all types of RFID projects
• Practical lessons from real case studies


RFID Automates Tool and Equipment Rental Trailers
Speedy Services, a provider of rental tools and equipment to the construction and industrial services industry within the United Kingdom, has created a self-service equipment storage and rental solution. The RFID-enabled onsite mobile equipment pod offers flexible hours to accommodate customers, and enables workers to rent the equipment they need, while unused tools remain in the trailer. Tools leaving or returning to the pod are automatically tracked, and rental fees are assessed by means of embedded RFID tags and a fixed UHF RFID reader integrated into the pod. Learn how the pod's tracking systems automatically update a customer's account on Speedy's My Speedy extranet system, thereby offering the customer full visibility regarding its current usage and incurred charges.

Graham Fenton, Managing Director, Codegate Ltd.
Glyn Matthews, Senior IT Project Manager, Innovations, Speedy Services
• How the solution improves visibility into which tools are being utilized
• How the system allows Speedy Services to reduce transport and staffing costs, while also providing instant geographical coverage


RFID in Construction and Energy Ends

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