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Oct. 6 8:45 AM

Opening Remarks

Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
Oct. 6 9:00 AM

Laying the Foundation For an Omnichannel Strategy With RFID

Using the analogy of building a house, Dr. Hardgrave will discuss the key components of omnichannel retail and how each component is integral to having a successful and sustainable initiative. Critical to any house is a proper foundation – in this case, the foundation of omnichannel retail is high inventory accuracy, enabled by RFID. With each of the omnichannel components, key metrics will be discussed and insight into how to evaluate the success of an omnichannel initiative is given. Pitfalls to avoid will be provided to ensure your omnichannel house is built on solid ground.
Speaker: Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Dean, Harbert College of Business , Auburn University
Oct. 6 9:45 AM

The Business Case for RFID in Retail and Apparel

RFID Journal has conducted extensive research to understand the business case for RFID in apparel retail, and to create metrics that companies in that sector can use to determine the likely return on investment they could achieve by employing the technology to manage store inventory. In this session, we will explain the data used, and walk attendees through the financial model. Those in attendance will receive a copy of the report on which the presentation will be based, as well as an interactive spreadsheet they can utilize to explore the benefits they can expect to receive, based on their own store size, number of units, margin, labor costs and other inputs.

Please note that this presentation was not originally scheduled but was delivered when the original speaker was unable to attend.

Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
Oct. 6 9:45 AM

Denimwall Leverages RFID at G-Star RAW Store

Denimwall Inc. is using RFID at the G-Star RAW clothing store that it owns and operates in New York City's Union Square to manage store operations and engage customers. The firm, which owns and operates seven G-Star RAW stores on a franchise basis, began offering omnichannel sales to its customers in 2015, shining a spotlight on the need for inventory accuracy and the ability to quickly locate items. The  RFID system tracks inventory availability and location in real time via overhead readers, and also allows sales associates to use their own smartphones to locate goods and facilitate routine merchandising tasks. Learn how Denimwall has benefited from the use of RFID and how it is using the technology to engage customers.

Note: The speaker was unable to present. This is a recording of his presentation at RFID Journal LIVE! 2016.

Speaker: Craig Leonard, President, Denimwall Inc.
Oct. 6 10:30 AM

Networking Break in Exhibit Area

Oct. 6 11:00 AM

Tahari ASL Uses RFID for Internal Benefits

Fashion firm Tahari ASL is implementing RFID at its distribution center. The company sells products online and via major clothing retailers, such as Nordstrom and Macy's. Its goal in using RFID is to speed up receiving and packing processes. Currently, 100 percent of its garments are being tagged at the source of manufacture, and goods are being received into inventory using RFID. The company aims to reduce, if not eliminate, shipping errors. Learn how Tahari ASL, which was asked to tag for customers, is using RFID internally to achieve benefits as well.
Speaker: Nihad Aytaman, VP of Information Technology, Ellie Tahari
Oct. 6 11:45 AM

Solution-Provider Session: SML—Why RFID ROIs Surpass Retail Technology Investments

Don't miss this opportunity to gain vital insights from real-life retail deployments, including new adoption models—summarizing case studies from numerous retailers and brand-owner deployments around the globe—enabling your business to ramp up quickly and efficiently, reap maximum rewards and capture a solid ROI with a broad set of hard and soft benefits.
Speaker: Dean Frew, CTO and Senior VP, RFID Solutions, SML Group
Oct. 6 12:00 PM

Solution Provider Session: Mojix - New RFID Breakthroughs Enable Real-Time Analytics and eCommerce-like Visibility

Technology breakthroughs in hands-free RFID during the last 12 months now enable high inventory accuracy so fast that it is essentially real-time, even in tightly packed stock rooms. This capability blurs the line between brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce when it comes to data-gathering capability. Paired with big-data software, these solutions lead the way to the ability to describe, diagnose and predict status for a physical store, much like an online store. This presentation will summarize the state of the art and what is coming up next.
Speaker: Scot Stelter, Vice President of Product Marketing, Mojix
Oct. 6 12:15 PM

Solution Provider Session: Avery Dennison RFID - Using RFID to Improve Inventory Accuracy and Optimize Omnichannel Success

Keynote speaker Bob Pernice, Market Development Manager, Avery Dennison RBIS will discuss how retailers can improve inventory accuracy and optimize omnichannel strategy with RFID.
Speaker: Bob Pernice, RFID Market Development Manager , Avery Dennison Brasil
Oct. 6 12:30 PM

Lunch in Exhibit Area

Oct. 6 2:00 PM

GS1 US Item Level RFID Industry Update

Join GS1 US for a discussion about the current state of RFID deployment in the retail industry and GS1 US's Item Level RFID workgroup. During this session, you will hear about the community's role in helping the retail industry deliver the inventory accuracy needed to support a unified omnichannel consumer experience. The Item Level RFID workgroup gathers together the leading retailers and brands that are currently deploying and/or investigating RFID technology. The workgroup provides a forum for peer-to-peer outreach and implementation lesson sharing, to develop guidelines and best practices, ensure investment sustainability, demonstrate the technology's ongoing benefits across business processes and reinforce the technology's responsible use. Learn where leading retailers are headed and better understand the categories in which RFID is being deployed.
Speakers: Patrick Javick, Industry Engagement Director, Apparel and General Merchandise, GS1 US; Melanie Nuce, VP of Industry Engagement, Retail Apparel and General Merchandise, GS1 US
Oct. 6 2:45 PM

Interview With a Retail RFID Thought Leader

Bill Connell, a veteran of more than 30 years with Macy's, is the company's senior VP of logistics and operations. He is one of the executives overseeing Macy's deployment of RFID technology. During this session, Connell will discuss why the retailer has adopted RFID, where the benefits are, how the company has managed the change to a new, faster and more efficient data-collection system and how the technology is enabling Macy's omnichannel retailing strategy.
Speakers: Bill Connell, Senior VP of Logistics and Operations, Macy's; Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
Oct. 6 3:30 PM

Networking Break in Exhibit Area

Oct. 6 4:00 PM

RFID and Inventory Control in the Cloud

White Pine Trading, one of the world’s leading recycled diamond and fine jewelry companies, is using RFID to more efficiently process inventory while reducing data-entry errors. With more than 30,000 items in stock represented by 9,000 SKUs, the firm is using the technology to create shipments containing hundreds of items in a few minutes and perform stock counts of its entire inventory within a single day. Hear how White Pine is continuing to develop new use cases for the system, including several that enable business processes that would otherwise be cost-prohibitive.
Speaker: Joe Mellet, VP of Strategy, Operations and Technology, White Pine Trading
Oct. 6 4:45 PM

Sport Zone Uses RFID For Higher Stock Accuracy

Sport Zone, a prominent sporting goods retailer with more than 100 stores throughout Portugal and Spain, is using RFID to reduce out-of-stocks and improve sales. The firm successfully implemented the program at two pilot stores, resulting in increased sales and higher stock accuracy. Learn how the sales floor replenishment process has been improved, and how Sport Zone plans to use item-level RFID inventory management to support its future omnichannel supply chain initiatives.
Speaker: Marco Cunha, RFID Project Manager, Sport Zone
Oct. 6 5:30 PM

Conference Concludes