How To Justify Your Participation

Here are some ways in which you can justify your participation in—and quantify your ROI from—attending RFID in Retail and Apparel 2016

1. Create a list of priorities for the event that will help define your purpose for attending, as well as your return on your investment. For example: "Learn how RFID can help us improve inventory accuracy and enable omnichannel retailing."

2. Create a list of close competitors who are currently deploying or rolling out RFID in stores. The See Who's Coming page of this site includes a list of retailers and suppliers that have attended RFID Journal events within the past two years. These are companies actively exploring or deploying systems.

3. Identify your most pressing organizational issues, such as high rates of shrinkage, and explain how RFID could possible address them. Explain how RFID could lower costs or deliver additional business value in other areas. Many retailers are keen, for example, to not just improve inventory accurcy but to enhance the customer's in-store shopping experience.

4. Use our template (coming soon) to send a formal letter to your manager, outlining the cost and huge potential benefits of attending the event.

5. Meet with your manager face to face to reinforce the ROI you expect to receive, against the list of priorities you've identified.

6. List the specific sessions relevant to the hot-button issues of top management, as well as your organization's overall goals.

7. Outline for your manager the specific on-site vendors you intend to evaluate to understand their potential to help address the priorities listed above.

8. Be sure to take notes and record the key takeaways on-site while the experience is fresh in your mind—that will make it much easier to document the ROI post-event.

9. As part of your justification for attending, offer to brief others regarding what you learn upon returning.

10. After the event, you will be able to download most or all of the presentations and watch video recordings of the presentations. Offer to share these with your boss and co-workers.

Read What Attendees of Past RFID Journal Events Say:

"I found the day very engaging and useful!"
—Allison Pedley, Senior Manager, Systems Integration and Workflow, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

"Excellent RFID in Healthcare event in Chicago. Very informative."
—Chris Hanebeck, VP, Product Management & Marketing, Revere Security

"The discussions and vendor presentations open up many applications for our industry. There are always new ways presented to solve many of the same issues we face."
—Steve Luhnow

"[RFID Journal events] have done volumes for my continued education and ability to bring worth while applications back to my company."
—Kirk Zauderer, Manager, Manheim