Why Attend RFID in Retail and Apparel

We know that your time is valuable and that when you attend an event, you expect to come away with insightful, practical learnings and ideas that will drive real business benefits for your company. We surveyed our audience to find out the latest burning questions, hot topics, business challenges and goals across the retail industry. That's why we are confident that we’ve created a unique and comprehensive conference agenda for RFID in Retail and Apparel that will deliver real business benefits.

By attending this year's event, you will help your company to:

Achieve hard dollar savings: All attendees will leave the conference with insights about how RFID can be used to improve inventory accuracy, enhance replenishment and enable omnichannel retailing. Suppliers will learn not just how to tag items for retail customers, but how to use those tags to verify shipments and improve internal efficiences.

Avoid costly mistakes: RFID is a relatively new technology. Determining the right technology to use and the right vendors to partner with can be a challenge. This conference will show you what worked for other retailers and suppliers. You'll hear companies like your own talking about what worked and what pitfalls to avoid. You can't get that anywhere else.

Learn best practices: Only RFID Journal is able to attract top-name end users willing to share their best practices. That means you avoid wasting time and money on a trial and error approach and begin with a deployment strategy that will work.

Invest your money wisely: There are plenty of RFID solutions that appear impressive but either don’t work or are technological dead ends. Learn which technologies represent the wisest investments over the long term for retailers and their suppliers.

Solve real business problems: RFID Journal understands that every retailer is different. Store operations are different, and supply chains are different. But some of the challenges you deal with are problems others have addressed with RFID. By hearing how others addressed these issues, you can have confidence that you can achieve the same results with RFID.

Be a leader: RFID is going to be a critical technology in retail in the years to come. Understanding adoption trends and how RFID can bring incremental as well as transformational changes to your stores and supply chain will make you a key contributor and enhance your value to your organization.

Plus, be there to:

See the latest RFID solutions: RFID technology is evolving rapidly, with new solutions for retail and apparel being introduced regularly. This is the only event where you can learn about the latest RFID solutions because it is the only event focused on RFID in Retail and Apparel.

Network with thought leaders: Only RFID Journal events attract the leading early adopters, implementers and strategists, making this event your best opportunity to meet others who are on the cutting edge of RFID adoption.