"Retailers that claim RFID is 'too difficult' are misinformed..."

Dr. Bill Hardgrave, dean of Auburn University's Harbert College of Business and founder of its RFID Lab, has been researching radio frequency identification's value in retail for more than a decade. He ran the early studies that showed how RFID could reduce out-of-stocks at Walmart, and how the technology could improve inventory accuracy at apparel stores from an industry average of 65 percent to better than 95 percent.

In a recent article for RFID Journal, Dr. Hardgrave wrote:

When I meet with retailers that haven't adopted RFID to improve inventory accuracy, the first question I ask is: "Why are you not using RFID?" Some retailers are prepared with a ready excuse: "RFID is just too difficult." It is unclear whether they are hearing this from outside their organizations or it has become an internal way to justify not using RFID. I suspect it is a bit of both. Either way, the "just too difficult" excuse is just lame (see Excuses, Excuses!).

Dr. Hardgrave should know. He has consulted on many RFID deployments throughout the years, and has been brought in when pilots were going wrong so that he could help retailers understand how RFID should be used and where it delivers value. He believes that RFID is not rock science.

"There are well-established technology standards and best practices for deploying RFID in the retail sector," Hardgrave wrote. "True, the technology is not yet plug-and-play. I always advise retailers that it's essential to conduct a proof-of-concept (POC) and then a pilot to ensure a successful deployment."

Dr. Hardgrave will be speaking at RFID in Retail and Apparel 2016, where he will offer cogent advice on how retailers can use RFID to improve store operations and enable omnichannel retailing. He will share his 10 years of learning about RFID in retail, both from the stage and, during breaks, individually with retailers attending the event.

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