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RFID Journal LIVE! Europe, UK 2012 Has Concluded.

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Learn How to Track and Manage Everything

Hear Real-World Case Studies from the Leading End-Users
RFID Journal LIVE! Europe—UK, RFID Journal's first event in London, will focus on educating end users about how radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is delivering real business benefits across Europe. This one-day program will share how to attain the full benefits of RFID-enabled technology, and provide companies with a greater understanding of how RFID can be used to improve production processes, increase visibility, lower labor costs, reduce theft, track inventory and transform the supply chain. LIVE!—UK will connect attendees with leading end users, industry experts and solutions providers offering the latest RFID systems.
  • Hear speakers from leading end-user companies candidly discuss new applications for RFID, the business benefits they deliver and how to overcome implementation challenges
  • Learn from a range of sessions that include how to leverage RFID to enhance visibility and traceability, supply chain management and to improving operational efficiency
  • Meet the leading end users, experts and RFID solution providers
  • And so much more!

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30 October 2012

08:30Coffee on Exhibit Floor
09:00Opening Remarks
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
09:05RFID: Getting Maximum Value From a Disruptive Technology
Since its introduction to retail more than a decade ago, RFID has been used in a variety of ways, from pallets and cases in the fast-moving consumer goods supply chain to individual apparel items. In all uses to date, the technology has been misunderstood and underutilized as simply "a super bar code." Only when companies begin recognizing and using RFID for what it truly is—a disruptive technology—will its full value be realized. In this session, Dr. Bill Hardgrave will discuss the emergence and misapplication of RFID, and explore how it should be properly viewed and deployed.
Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Dean and Wells Fargo Professor, College of Business, Auburn University
09:50Using RFID to Track Tire Pressure and Tread
Tire manufacturer Michelin is supplying an RFID-enabled version of tires to some of London's buses, with a goal of making it simpler for bus-fleet managers to monitor tire pressure, and thereby improve safety and efficiency. Bus-service provider Stagecoach London's double-decker buses' tires are equipped with passive EPC RFID tags and wireless air-pressure sensors that can record a tire's pressure and tread depth within a matter of seconds. Michelin embeds EPC Gen 2 passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification tags into tire sidewalls during the manufacturing process, enabling the city's bus-fleet operators, or the tire manufacturer's staff, to use RFID to automatically identify each tire at the time that its pressure is being measured. The tags are used in conjunction with wireless pressure sensors that measure a tire's air pressure and then transmit that data at 433 MHz. Through the Stagecoach deployment, learn how Michelin has been involved in RFID general development for tire applications, and how it is moving toward RFID usage in the service and solutions area. Learn how this technology can be applied to commercial trucking and transportation.
Michel Lahouratate, Truck and Bus Division, Worldwide Coordinator for Retread and Services, Michelin
10:30Networking Break on Exhibit Floor
11:00Update on RFID Around the World
What is the true state of RFID adoption in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America? Which companies are achieving real benefits, and which applications are driving adoption? When will we see the technology begin to make an impact on businesses in Europe? As RFID Journal's editor, Mark Roberti has had a unique view of the RFID industry's development around the globe. This session will explore the key trends and deployments worldwide, and offer participants insights into how adoption will likely occur over the next three years.
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
11:40TAP saves more than € 2.5 million on MRO with RFID
TAP Portugal is the country's leading airline, and its TAP Maintenance and Engineering (TAP M&E) division has incorporated RFID technology into its daily engine-maintenance operations, developed in partnership with MEGASIS (a TAP group company), as well as Airbus, Accenture and OATSystems. This is the first time that a maintenance and repair organization (MRO) has integrated RFID technology into its production process in order to track aircraft engine components undergoing maintenance. Learn how the solution, known as Mobile Enabled Engine Repair Application (MEERA), has resulted in increased efficiencies in labor-intensive operations within a complex series of processes requiring hundreds of engine components to be removed, cleaned, repaired and reassembled. MEERA provides TAP M&E with full real-time visibility into its component-tracking process, from the disassembly cycle to engine reassembly, generating operational efficiencies and providing full and more secure tracking.
Fernando Ferreira Matos, Head of Information Technologies, TAP Maintenance and Engineering
• How the MEERA solution enables the firm to trace engine components undergoing overhaul, as well as tools belonging to other organizations
• The use of passive RFID UHF labels that are codified, printed and attached to engine components undergoing maintenance—a process that enables the TAP M&E engine-maintenance department to identify each component during all subsequent maintenance processes
12:20Lunch Break on Exhibit Floor
13:30RFID Watches Over the Tower of London and Other Sites at Historic Royal Palaces
The Tower of London, comprising several buildings, towers, museums and historic collections in central London, is among the sites managed by Historic Royal Palaces, an independent charity that looks after the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, the Banqueting House, Kensington Palace and Kew Palace. After completing a two-year project involving the use of an active RFID mesh network to track conditions that could degrade its stone walls and artwork, the Tower of London continues to utilize the technology to track the environmental cycles of ambient and surface temperatures, as well as humidity, at two towers. Learn how sensors are being used to detect light, temperature and humidity levels; store that data in real time; and then transmit it, along with their own unique ID numbers. Hear how staff members utilize sensor data to produce environmental maps, enabling them to create analyses, such as trends regarding the environmental conditions to which the spectacular Tudor tapestries at Hampton Court Palace are exposed throughout a given day, month or year.
Dr. Constantina Vlachou-Mogire, Senior Conservation Scientist, Historic Royal Palaces
● How RFID is being employed to monitor the conditions around a particular wall painting that dates back to the 1390s, depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ
● How the organization uses similar technology to establish a scientifically based strategy to protect irreplaceable Tudor tapestries from becoming damaged by environmental conditions, and to enable continuous, long-term display
14:15Coster Group Uses RFID to Increase Manufacturing and Logistics Efficiency
Coster Group is a leading multinational provider of spray and dispensing packaging components and filling machines, with an annual revenue of approximately €150 million. The adoption of an automated RFID solution enables the company to manage and trace its shop-floor, warehouse and delivery-logistics processes. The use of RFID allows Coster Group to precisely track goods as they are manufactured and shipped, and to pinpoint any bottlenecks. This solution, compared to traditional bar-code management systems, decouples procedures from operators, and thus reduces error risks. Learn how the solution is being installed at the production plants, acting as a decentralized supervisor of the production process, and how it allows for effective production management while minimizing the impact and customization of the central enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
Salvatore Ricca, Purchasing and ICT Director, Coster SpA and PDG Coster France
Germano Rizzo, R&D Architect RFID Systems, Aton SpA
15:00Networking Break on Exhibit Floor
16:00Patrizia Pepe Improves Supply Chain Visibility Via RFID
Patrizia Pepe, an Italian fashion brand of Tessilform S.p.A., has doubled the efficiency of the intake and shipping of its apparel as the garments are processed at the company's three distribution centers, while its tagged clothing can also be read at some stores by customers looking to learn more about the products. Following the RFID solution's installation at all three DCs, employees are now able to handle 380 to 400 items per hour. Previously, when shipping goods to retailers, the DCs could process only 140 products hourly, but they now can ship out approximately 330. The RFID system has also increased accuracy, thereby ensuring that incorrect products are not shipped to retailers, and that out-of-stocks are less likely to occur due to inaccurate inventory counts. Learn how the company uses RFID at some stores to display product information, thereby encouraging sales. When a customer carries clothing past informational video totems located near the dressing room entrances at each of four stores—three located in the Italian cities of Rome, Florence and Milan, and a fourth in Moscow, Russia—two LCD touch screens play videos of models wearing the clothing, and offer advice regarding other items or accessories that might combine well with that garment.
Lorenzo Tazzi, Information Technology Manager, Tessilform S.p.A.
• How the RFID system has increased accuracy, ensuring that incorrect products are not shipped to retailers
• Reducing out-of-stocks by providing accurate inventory counts
16:45Building Brand Loyalty With RFID and Social Media
RFID technology has made the move from industrial applications to linking tags with social networks, providing instant Internet exposure while offering consumers a unique and memorable experience interacting with the brand. Blondefish, a London-based events technology company, has helped a number of firms promote and organize events via the use of RFID tags and readers. Recently, it worked with a vodka company, promoting its products at a series of parties and events enabling guests to share activities with friends on Facebook, using an RFID-enabled token. Hear how the solution has been utilized at a variety of nightclubs during the past year, with users updating their pages with comments regarding where they are and what they are doing, along with pictures of themselves and friends partying at a particular club. In addition, learn how the Legoland Windsor Resort used RFID and Facebook to enrich the guest experience at the new resort, as well as its attraction, "Star Wars Miniland Experience." Moreover, hear how Blondefish provided a promotion for Converse when it hosted musical events, enabling guests to choose their favorite artists on Facebook using RFID wristbands as the gigs took place.
Laura Moody, Managing Director, Blondefish
• How Blondfish leverages social media and RFID to enhance brand loyalty
• Using RFID to enable users to update their Facebook pages with comments regarding where they are and what they are doing, along with pictures of themselves and friends partying at a particular club or event
17:30Closing Remarks
Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
17:35Conference Concludes

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All conference sessions are subject to change, and RFID Journal reserves the right to alter dates, programs and speakers at any time, as circumstances dictate. Sessions without assigned speakers indicate a target topic; every effort will be made to ensure that a program of equivalent standard and value is available.

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