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RFID Journal Virtual Event

RFID in Aerospace and Aviation VE 2014
This virtual event is designed specifically for airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, maintenance firms and others looking to understand how radio frequency identification can improve their supply chains and reduce costs. Without leaving your desk, hear how leading companies in aerospace and aviation are using RFID to achieve benefits today.
11:00 AM
Welcome and Introduction
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
11:05 AM
Best Practices for RFID Deployments in Aerospace and Aviation
RFID can deliver a great deal of benefit in different applications, such as tool tracking and supply chain management. Aerospace companies, airlines, third-party maintenance providers and others in this sector must develop a coherent strategy and follow best practices. Those that don't often end up deploying the technology piecemeal, only to find that it fails to meet their longer-term needs. This session will explain how to create a long-term strategy that can enable businesses to choose technologies that will best meet their ongoing needs across a wide variety of applications, as well as how to prioritize projects in the near-term.
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
11:25 AM
Advanced Materials, Capital Equipment, Engine Overhaul: Deployment Trends for RFID in A&D
Aerospace and defense firms manage billions of dollars of capital assets, materials and work-in-process across programs, facilities and worksites. With increasing cost pressure, project complexity and operational risk, RFID is increasingly being deployed to automate material management, equipment tracking and MRO programs. This session will provide real-world case studies of RFID in A&D, along with ROI metrics and deployment considerations.
Speaker: Su Doyle, Head of Industry Programs, OATSystems, a division of Checkpoint
11:50 AM
Case Study: Deployment of Aerospace RFID to More Than 60 OEMs—What's Ahead for RFID Parts-Marking?
OEMs started using RFID for aerospace parts-marking just five short years ago. Since then, this technology has been adopted across the aerospace industry because of its efficiencies in time, cost and reliability. Leading the pack in RFID parts-marking, MAINtag started offering enterprise solutions in 2010, and has deployed more than a million flyable RFID tags globally. In this session, hear key success factors that enable smooth and reliable RFID implementation with transparent, easy-to-use and cost-efficient upgrades from older nameplate IDs to hybrid RFID integrated labels. Learn how such transformation can be driven without significant changes in OEMs, airlines or MRO practices. Expansion to all aircraft, including Airbus, Boeing, Irkut and Bell Helicopter initiatives, require interoperability, expertise and close supervision. Solutions are market-ready for ODBC, AS/400, SAP, LINUX and Oracle, providing a new paradigm that outperforms the ROI of older parts-marking approaches. Hear how RFID is transforming aerospace MRO by taking maintenance and cabin inventory operations to a higher level of efficiency.
Speaker: Alexis Beurdeley, Vice President, MAINtag, Inc.
11:50 AM
From Parts to Revenue: Accelerating Production With RFID
RFID is being deployed to track work-in-process (WIP) and tools throughout the aerospace manufacturing process, resulting in faster conversion of parts to finished aircraft. This acceleration of aerospace assembly drives increased revenue and bottom-line profits. RFID Global Solution, which has been at the forefront of innovation in aerospace manufacturing processes, will share examples of process improvements and ROI achieved by its clients, from tracking parts to subassemblies to flight bags. Learn how the company's Visi-Trac solution reduces the time spent tracking work orders, distributing flight maps and inventorying tools, thereby resulting in improved supply chain visibility, reduced labor costs and faster conversion of parts to cash. The firm will also discuss best practices for tool control, as well as how to reduce the risk of foreign object damage (FOD) and improve the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) process and supply chain.
Speaker: Terry Alderson, VP of Aerospace and Defense, RFID Global Solution, Inc.
12:35 PM
RFID Solutions Taking Off in Aerospace
The adoption of RFID solutions is accelerating across the aerospace industry. No longer is it just a technology to deploy—it is a viable solution adding quantifiable business value. This session will illustrate RFID's current role and its indisputable value throughout an aircraft's lifecycle, as well as showcasing upcoming, broader uses across aerospace. From Airbus' and Boeing's early recognition of the benefits of RFID on flyable parts, to its recent expanded use on all airplanes, the presenter will provide insight as to where RFID is headed, with stories of the latest solutions being deployed.
Speaker: Bob Hamlin, CTO, Tego, Inc.
12:55 PM
Closing Remarks
Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal
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