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April 23, 2020


  • Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

There are a lot of companies that say they can deploy an RFID system. Many of these companies have little or no experience with the technology. They may be skilled at deploying bar-code systems, but RFID requires special expertise. In this webinar, you will learn what you need to know to hire the right RFID partner. We’ll explain how to evaluate systems integrators and provide a some key questions you should ask before signing on with any solution provider. Among the key issues covered will be * What knowledge do companies need to evaluate RFID solution providers * What questions should you ask solution providers * The pitfalls of using the first provider you find * How to future-proof solutions » Learn More

Damage Control: How to Reduce Waste in Your Supply Chain
Globally, shippers suffer $2.3 trillion in damaged goods every year. That’s 2 percent of all products shipped. Accidents happen, but in this webinar we will discuss simple solutions that will help you to deter, detect, and diagnose damage in your supply chain so you can reduce losses by half. Simply understanding when and where damage occurs is a huge driver of damage reduction. On top of that, adding insight into your supply chain causes a behavioral shift in the way packages are handled. Learn how to apply the same principles to damage reduction as a traditional program, but without the need for visual inspection.
How Fort Bragg Improved Asset Tracking with RFID
Fort Bragg is the largest military installation in the world. But the specialized RFID solution they used to track critical assets was having problems with faulty adhesion, interrupted reads and blocked frequencies. That’s when Vizinex RFID and Williams Software Associates joined forces to engineer a unique RFID solution that delivered some surprising results and shifted the Fort Bragg team’s entire approach to asset management. Hear the full story and learn about the benefits of using RFID in this webinar. You'll also learn, specifically: o How to track assets made of metal, including weapons o The difference between working with U.S. and overseas RFID suppliers o How to engineer an RFID solution for environments unfavorable to RFID
Redefining IoT in Healthcare
The complexities of delivering and managing patient care and operational departmental workflows across the healthcare continuum, are more acute than ever. What if you could implement an IoT architecture across one network, enabling multiple solutions? During this session, learn how to extend your ecosystem of real-time point solutions including; location services, environmental monitoring, hand-hygiene, wayfinding and other business analytics. Achieve: • 70% less than other asset tag costs • 90% lower infrastructure costs • An Open architecture allowing for uncomplicated integration Implementing smarter healthcare operations can improve throughput and increase ROI by connecting people, devices and buildings across the hospital, clinic or campus. Join this session to learn how it’s being done in a large teaching facility and other healthcare organizations.
How to Optimize Your Workforce with RFID
You know the value of workforce optimization - you’re balancing workforce scheduling, operational costs and other key performance metrics to get the maximum benefit from your employees and other contract personnel. But having greater visibility into your employee's activities and movements can help you make the best decisions possible, and take your organization to the next level. This webinar will share some of the lessons learned, from best practices and ROI to legal and ethical considerations, that have led to some of our most successful location-based personnel tracking implementations to date.
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