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January 14, 2015


  • Jean-Claude Saghbini, General Manager, Cardinal Health Inventory Management Solutions

With declining reimbursements, rising product costs and an increased focus on the patient experience, the time for action is now. Each year, there is up to 30 percent waste in Physician Preference Items (PPI) in the supply chain, amounting to an estimated $5 billion in annual losses. A lack of action is no longer an option; the traditional supply-chain model is a thing of the past. Imagine a world with no more expired products, a large reduction in expedited product shipments and real-time visibility into inventory. This is no longer a dream. It is a reality fueled by the growth of RFID technology, logistics and inventory-management solutions capable of offering dramatically increased efficiency and cost savings, which cascade across entire health-care systems. RFID technology can link producers, purchasers and distributors that reduce waste, allow visibility of inventory in real time, enhance charge capture, and improve patient safety and clinical satisfaction—while creating a fully functional end-to-end supply chain. » Learn More


April 24, 2014


  • Dean Frew, President, Xterprise

Poor inventory accuracy and the issues it causes in retail are well-documented, but until recently, viable, cost-effective solutions that could mitigate or eliminate the problem did not exist. In the meantime, consumer demand for omnichannel shopping experiences and the increasing threat of online competition have elevated inventory accuracy from an irritation to a true "burning platform." Retailers and brand owners cannot afford to sit idly by, achieving only 60 to 80 percent inventory accuracy, while their competition invests in solutions that enable accuracy close to 100 percent. The competitive gap between those who embrace item-level RFID solutions to drive inbound and outbound shipment quality, sales lift, shrink reduction and omnichannel execution, and those who do not, will continue to widen. Today, more than ever, retailers and brand owners understand the theoretical value proposition that RFID provides. We want to take you a level deeper, to understand what a solution looks like, what it does and how it delivers value to real-world customers. » Learn More

March 21, 2014


  • Robert Basmadjian, Founder and Principal, Spectrum Marketing & Communications
  • Michael Liard, Industry Expert , Guest Commentator
  • Bret Rachlin, Marketing Strategist, Carabiner Communications


  • Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

This webinar will include practical, how-to insight into how to leverage the strengths of your sales and marketing teams, pinpoint your market, create the right content for the right stage, deliver effective messaging for the target audience, and manage an optimally effective and efficient lead-to-revenue process. » Learn More

March 13, 2014


  • Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

This webinar—the first of two designed for RFID Journal LIVE! exhibitors—will explain how to attract high-quality end users to your booth, and how to leverage tools provided by RFID Journal to set up meetings with potential customers. The second webinar, to be conducted by Spectrum Marketing and Communication, will explain how to convert those leads into business. » Learn More

Redefining IoT in Healthcare
The complexities of delivering and managing patient care and operational departmental workflows across the healthcare continuum, are more acute than ever. What if you could implement an IoT architecture across one network, enabling multiple solutions? During this session, learn how to extend your ecosystem of real-time point solutions including; location services, environmental monitoring, hand-hygiene, wayfinding and other business analytics. Achieve: • 70% less than other asset tag costs • 90% lower infrastructure costs • An Open architecture allowing for uncomplicated integration Implementing smarter healthcare operations can improve throughput and increase ROI by connecting people, devices and buildings across the hospital, clinic or campus. Join this session to learn how it’s being done in a large teaching facility and other healthcare organizations.
How Fort Bragg Improved Asset Tracking with RFID
Fort Bragg is the largest military installation in the world. But the specialized RFID solution they used to track critical assets was having problems with faulty adhesion, interrupted reads and blocked frequencies. That’s when Vizinex RFID and Williams Software Associates joined forces to engineer a unique RFID solution that delivered some surprising results and shifted the Fort Bragg team’s entire approach to asset management. Hear the full story and learn about the benefits of using RFID in this webinar. You'll also learn, specifically: o How to track assets made of metal, including weapons o The difference between working with U.S. and overseas RFID suppliers o How to engineer an RFID solution for environments unfavorable to RFID
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